5 Things to Know About the Hair Straightener Lawsuit if You’re Affected

Hair straighteners, a common product used to straighten curly hair, have been linked to an increased risk of uterine cancer in some studies. This has resulted in thousands of lawsuits being launched against hair straightener manufacturers.

If you’re a woman who has used hair straighteners and is concerned about your health, here’s what you should know about the current lawsuit.

The Scope of the Lawsuit

The hair straightener cancer lawsuit is a multidistrict litigation (MDL) consolidated in February 2023 in the Northern District of Illinois. This means numerous individual lawsuits have been combined into one case for pretrial proceedings to streamline the process.

As per a June 2024 update by Drugwatch, so far, nearly 8,920 hair straightener lawsuits have been consolidated into this MDL. TorHoerman Law notes that several companies are named as defendants, including L’Oreal, Softsheen-Carson, and Dark & Lovely.

The Allegations

The central allegation in the lawsuit is that chemicals found in hair straighteners can increase the risk of developing uterine cancer. These chemicals include certain types of hormones and formaldehyde.

While the research is still evolving, several studies have identified a correlation between regular usage of hair straighteners and an increased risk of cancer. One study suggested an increase in cancer risk for regular users of hair straighteners. According to a study published by NIH, women who use hair straighteners every five to eight weeks are 30% more likely to develop cancer.

The plaintiffs claim that the makers knew or should have known about these dangers but failed to appropriately warn customers on the product labels.

The Current Stage

The lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase, a crucial stage where both sides exchange information. This may involve internal company documents, research on the safety of the products, and plaintiffs’ medical records.

Lawsuit Legal News notes that the discovery process can be lengthy, especially in complex cases like this one with a significant number of plaintiffs. Furthermore, in January 2024, Judge Mary Rowland broadened the scope of the discovery process to include international sales of hair straighteners. Experts now say that discovery could continue for well over a year.

What to Do If You’ve Used Straighteners

If you’re concerned about your health due to past use of hair straighteners, the first step is to talk to your doctor. They can advise you on any potential risks and recommend screenings for uterine cancer, especially if you have a family history of the disease.

The National Cancer Institute emphasizes the need for screening since early detection of abnormal tissue or cancer can make treatment simpler. By the time symptoms become obvious, the disease may have started spreading.

It’s also important to keep detailed records of your hair straightener use, including brands, frequency of application, and duration. This documentation can be crucial if you decide to pursue legal action.

What to Expect Moving Forward

According to LezDo TechMed, bellwether trials, which are sample cases that might affect the results of others, will begin in November 2025. Depending on the results of these trials, the case may be resolved or pursued further.

It might take several years before there is a definitive resolution. It’s important to stay informed by following reputable legal news sources or consulting with an attorney specializing in product liability cases.


What is the controversy with hair straighteners?

The debate over hair straighteners is centered on concerns that certain products contain dangerous chemicals connected to health issues such as cancer. Questions have been raised regarding the safety of chemicals such as formaldehyde. This has prompted regulatory scrutiny and public outcry.

Is there a lawsuit against hair straightening products?

Yes, there is a lawsuit against hair straightening products. Numerous legal actions have been filed alleging that manufacturers failed to warn consumers about the potential health risks. Plaintiffs claim they suffered health problems due to prolonged use of these products.

What hair brands are being sued?

Several hair brands are being sued, including L’Oréal and its subsidiary SoftSheen-Carson. The lawsuits focus on their hair relaxers and straightening products.

In summary, the ongoing hair straightener lawsuit highlights the potential health risks associated with certain chemicals in these products. While the science is developing, studies suggest a correlation between frequent use and uterine cancer.

If you have concerns, talk to your doctor and consider talking to a lawyer specializing in product liability if needed. The lawsuit is in the information-gathering stage, and a final resolution could take several years.

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